Monday, April 27, 2015

In Lieu of Flowers


   The passing of a loved one, friend or colleague can be challenging and emotional time. Saying good bye is never easy.
  When attending a visitation service of a loved one, we want the family to know we are grieving with them and want to express our condolences in a gentle manner. When reading the deceased obituary one may come to discover the family has requested a donation to a charitable organization for example, the Diabetes Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society and many others. These organizations usually pertain to what the deceased has succumbed to. Therefore, should you feel forced to make a donation? 
Absolutely not!
  We all grieve differently and we may want to show our affection and love in a more personal manner. Flowers play an important role in helping the bereaved deal with their grief."In Lieu of Flowers" is often used to encourage charitable gifts but not discourage other expressions of sympathy. Typically a bereaved family not wishing to receive flowers will state this through a phrase such as "please omit flowers"If this is not stated in the obituary, you are free to express your condolences through flowers and express yourself in the manner you wish. Many families often regret omitting flowers at the service and feel the deceased was not commemorated effectively.
So go ahead, send flowers! Meet with a florist and describe your loved one, hobbies, favorite color, favorite flowers, anything you can think of that will help your florist design that special arrangement. Besides, florists are great listeners in times of grief.

Tina Ingribelli
Crow in White creative studio

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